Friday, 14 October 2011

Writing On The Run

This may seem like an odd title for this week's post as I could barely walk last week, let alone run, due to my close encounters of the hall floor kind. However, even though I wasn't well enough to do much writing, I still managed to look at a few writing websites as I'm never too ill to do that.

During my "research", I came across a really interesting American website called Writing on the Run at which has some great advice, articles, tips and encouragement for writers as well as fun things like a Writer's Pet Quiz! (You select the pet you would be most likely to have and it tells you what sort of writer you are. Apparently I'm methodical, like to use longhand and would benefit from more disciplined time and space to meet my deadlines (very true!) because I would choose a hamster or a rabbit.

On a more serious note, the article I found most helpful had "coincidentally" recently been posted and is called '101 Tips and Ideas for Writing on the Run' by Allen and Linda Anderson ( As my regular readers know, finding the time and inclination to do any writing is something I regularly struggle with, especially when I feel as if I've just gone six rounds with George Forman, like I did last week.

This article has some really good tips for creating time and space in your life to write. (And some rather wacky ones. I'll probably have to give writing with a fountain pen by candlelight a miss.) I particularly liked the idea of setting up writing spaces in your most frequently used rooms, such as equipping a kitchen drawer with writing tools so that you can write for ten minutes while you're waiting for a saucepan to boil. I also really appreciated the idea of writing the words "For my eyes only" on a first draft so that your subconscious isn't censorious. My absolute favourite though is that if you are aiming for publication, you should start acting like a published writer. So get those teeth whitened and spruce up that wardrobe!

If you have any tips of your own for making time and space to write, you are invited to "Pay It Forward" (Tip Number 101) and help other writers by emailing a 100-word idea plus a 25-word bio to Your tip could even be published in a forthcoming book.  (Further details are on the website.)

Meanwhile, I'll share my favourite tip for writing with you...just do it!



  1. I hope you're on the mend and sorry for spraying your blog with comments last week. The 2 that disappeared have now re-appeared! I always find it difficult to get down to it. However, I have vowed to do at least one productive thing every morning before turning on the computer, even if it's only writing for 5 minutes. This will avoid getting sidetracked by email and Internet surfing. In theory. I like the idea of keeping writing materials in the kitchen etc but don't think it would work for me. Will certainly look at that website.

  2. Great to have you back. No worries about last week's comments. I've just about given up leaving comments on other people's blogs as they never seem to get through. I really like the idea of the one productive thing every morning (or night in my case) so good luck with that. I'm currently working on turning the bread bin into a work station!